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The principal purpose of this website is to serve as a resource for patients to access valuable information relevant to their diagnosis. As the provision of novel therapies is central to my treatment philosophy, the site contains a live update on the exciting clinical trials aligned with my practice. It also aims to be an educational tool with respect to other aspects of cancer management including nutrition, alternative therapies and counselling.



Dr Coward specialises in the care of patients with a wide variety of cancers. For each tumour type you will find links to reputable websites that Dr Coward highly recommends. The information provided at these sites will give you an excellent summary on your diagnosis, appropriate treatment and investigations that will prepare you well for your consultations.


Through Dr Coward’s care, patients have direct access to current and upcoming state of the art clinical trials which provide novel therapeutic options beyond standard treatments.

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Here is a selection of important articles I have recently published.

Rethinking ovarian cancer

There have been major advances in our understanding of the cellular and molecular biology of the human malignancies that are collectively referred to as ovarian cancer. At a [...]

Press release

Three Australian and two American cancer centers are spearheading the first clinical trial of Cantrixil, Novogen’s therapy to restore ovarian cancer patients’ sensitivity to [...]