Through Dr Coward’s care, patients have direct access to current and upcoming state of the art clinical trials which provide novel therapeutic options beyond standard treatments.

Current Tumour specific trials Coward Oncology

During your consultation with Dr Coward he will discuss treatment options and any suitable trials available. When the appropriate trial becomes available you will be contacted to return for review and, if appropriate, given information and introduced to the Clinical Trial Coordinators to begin the process, including information specific to the trial detailing the schedule of visits, investigations, the medications and potential side effects.

Unfortunately due to the recruitment restrictions of the trials, there are waiting lists and the timing of slots becoming available is unpredictable and dictated by the trial Sponsor.

Once you have had a minimum of 24 hours to consider the trial and discuss with family/friends, you will return to the clinic to give formal consent and begin the screening process. Screening involves a variety of blood tests, scans and procedures mandated by the trial, to determine if you are eligible to participate. There are a number of reasons you may not be eligible for a clinical trial, ranging from issues relating to your medical history or blood test abnormalities. Trial parameters are very specific. Once the results have been reviewed and you are deemed eligible for the trial, your treatment will be scheduled in the Icon Cancer Care Day hospital.

Listed below are the current trials underway, the list is continually being updated as new trials become available.

Basket Studies (Most or all solid tumours)

Breast Cancer

Cervical Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Cutaneous SCC

Lung Cancer


Oesophageal Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Renal Cell Cancer

Unknown Primary

Urothelial Cancer

Upcoming Trials Coward Oncology

New clinical trials in oncology are constantly emerging, many of which we are being invited to participate in.  There are waiting lists. The design and implementation of a study involves several steps. One of the most significant and time consuming is gaining ethical approval; a process that can take weeks to months and can potentially delay the commencement date. Once approved,  information about the trial is allowed to be released and trial recruitment can commence.  We participate in Phase One through to Four clinical trials, the stages are basically classified as follows:

Phase I: Is the first exposure of the drug in humans from the laboratory and is principally designed to assess drug safety. This phase usually only recruits small numbers in a tightly regulated fashion.

Phase II: Assesses the effectiveness of the drug, usually recruiting approximately 25-100 candidates.

Phase III: Compares the new drug to standard therapies currently available.

Phase IV: These drugs have been accepted by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, trials during this phase look at what other possible benefits the drug has to offer in other areas of medicine.

Clinical Trials and the Icon Cancer Foundation Coward Oncology

Clinical research and trials within the Icon Group are supported by the Icon Cancer Foundation, a not for profit charitable organisation.

Clinical Trial Coordinators are a part of our team and are an invaluable resource for you, involved from initial screening through to follow up on completion.